Hello everyone! Welcome to my new site. I’m trying a new platform and a new design in the hopes that I’ll contribute a little more to the site’s value…which had definitely dropped off.  I’ve rechecked, updated, and removed links that were in some cases over 20 years old (believe it or not).

I’ve also given it a look and feel refresh and added some new functionality…as well as automating some things to give them added visibility.  I hope you enjoy!

Recent Posts

Roatan 2018 - It was a great time in Roatan, Honduras last month.  Stories abound....eels, sharks, non-consenting beach massages, and rain.  Diving, though, was great.  There was lots of life and HUGE coral structures! ... Read more"Roatan 2018"
Bull Shoals Diving and Spearfishing - Well...it's hard to call it spearfishing when you're the only one who shoots a fish...and to be fair, mine was only a bluegill....and not really worth shooting. But I did carry a speargun for some very nice dives. The trip yielded its usual amount of humor, Amish, and dead armadillos....and… ... Read more"Bull Shoals Diving and Spearfishing"
Spearfishing in South Dakota - It's been a busy month already, but it was nice to have some relaxation.....cold though it was.  Long bottom times (45, 96, 89, 82, and 102 minutes) didn't yield a ton of fish, but I had a good time and relaxed.    ... Read more"Spearfishing in South Dakota"